Austin Video Production Company Fractal Visuals

Quality video production immerses the audience in the film and gives a more genuine cinematic experience. Our Austin video production company emphasizes professionalism and creativity and channel these to create exemplary video content for bands and businesses worldwide.

Fractal Visuals has a proven track record of delivering outstanding video content that will take your business to the next level. Our video content creation capabilities span a wide variety use cases to meet your company’s needs. Video content allows for 24/7 365 access to information and can maintain constant access to critical information even through personnel changes.

Fractal Visuals owns the best equipment in the industry (RED Digital Cinema Cameras and Wunder Audio recording equipment). This top of the line equipment typically rents for over $2,000 per day without any crew or other infrastructure included. Our ownership allows for massive cost savings to be passed onto each of our clients because we do not need to rent equipment to get the job done. Nobody in the industry can beat our quality to cost ratio.

We handle every aspect of production so you can focus on doing your job while we manage all of the details. We will work with your sales, marketing, and/or creative teams to create a script specific to your needs and application. Throughout this process we will keep you updated as we accomplish various parts of the video production process.

Fractal Visual’s goal is to leave the audience with a lasting, impactful experience that will directly translate into an increase in market share for your business.